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What is Emoally?
Emoally derives from the word "Emotionally - Emo + ally".  The penultimate aim to launch Emoally is to fulfil the quintessential emotional needs of society. We are living in a society where no one has...
How can I use Emoally?
You can download the Emoally app for iOS and Android    Emoally currently supports iOS 8 and up, Android 4.4 and up.
Is Emoally Free?
Download the Emoally app for free in the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android).  You will then be asked to pay to the user (of your choice) via Emoally to meet the person in the real world as...
How Emoally works?
Step1: browse through the profiles. Step2: Check the availability of the preferred/desired user. Step3: Pay the asked tariff to confirm and meet the person in the real world.
What is the minimum age requirement to use Emoally?
Emoally is a platform only for adults; one should be above than 18 years
Can I search a particular person on Emoally?
Yes, you can. Every person has its own unique ID; if you have that ID you can search that person using filters.
Can I chat or share media on Emoally?
Emoally encourages people to live in the real world, Sorry we don’t support chat or media sharing. Once you book your meeting you will receive all the contact detail of the person. Subsequently after ...
Why does the tariff vary from profile to profile?
Users generally compute and assign their own tariffs according to their choice.
How to calculate the tariff that I put in my profile?
It's a personal choice of the user, for instance, one may calculate the cost charged to go and meet the person in the real world.  Note: Please consider to add your transportation.
Do I need to pay for the expenses that may occur during the meeting (e.g. drinks, coffee, lunch, dinner)?
It should be the courtesy of the person who invites you to on a date and has to bear all the expenses.    Note: If you want to share the expenses of the date, please put this thing in the remarks whil...
Is there any messaging service on this platform?
No, currently there are no messaging services on Emoally platform.    It is only after the booking confirmation of your meeting, that we will share the contact details of the user. However, externally...
How to report a user?
To report someone, go to his/her profile > tap the menu icon (ellipses icon) > Report.
Why Emoally wants to access my location?
We need to access your current location to serve you the best user experience and to connect you to the nearby/easily accessible profiles.  On iPhone: go to your iOS settings > Emoally> Location...
How do I edit my profile?
Tap the profile icon at the top of the main screen. There you can edit all your information.    Note: we strongly suggest to our users to fill most of the information as it gives clarity to the other ...