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What is Emoally?


Emoally derives from the word "Emotionally - Emo + ally".  The penultimate aim to launch Emoally is to fulfil the quintessential emotional needs of society. We are living in a society where no one has time for each other owing to their pacing busy lives. So why wait, when you can book your date and satisfy your emotional needs and earn more than just a date. 

Emoally doesn't believe in swipe, like, ignore, match or chat, it embraces  the real experience of human presence by enabling users to  chat in the real world, face to face like in the 90's era. All you need to do is book your date and pay according to the tariff asked by the desired profile user, to confirm your meeting. 

In a world, where approximately 5% of the people look above average, nearly 95% of the remaining crowd is still struggling to get a partner/casual company/buddy in the real life. Hence, Emoally is sought to resolve this dilemma in just a few simple steps. 


For more details on how to book your desired date, please read how Emoally work.

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